Meal Train Ideas to Offer Support

By: Farrell-Ryan Funeral Home
Monday, April 18, 2022


Loss affects everyone differently, and after having services at one of the funeral homes in Greece, NY, they may find that they need some extra help in their daily life for a while. The assistance could be anything such as help with housework around their home or providing meals, especially if there's a large family involved. Setting up a meal train can help reduce stress levels and provide them with some extra comfort, so here is how you get started.

What is Needed?

Providing food for individuals going through loss offers nourishment and something consistent and steady while they are going through their transition. The meal train can be an essential part of letting them know that they're cared for and supported, so the first thing you need to do is ask some essential questions to the household.

  • Are there any food allergies or intolerances to be aware of? 
  • How many people are currently needing to be fed in the household? 
  • Are there any preferences in food options like vegetarian or vegan? 
  • How would the family like to be informed that the food is on its way to being delivered? 
  • What sort of cooking devices does the household have, such as an oven or microwave? 

Another thing you may want to ask is if the household would like to have company when the food is being dropped off. You also want to make sure that all the meals are prepared and containers that don't have to be returned because this can help reduce additional work and stress for the ones receiving the meal.

Getting Organized

Once you have all the questions answered, you can get the mail train organized either through email or an online calendar. You can list what food choices are preferred for the household, and individuals who want to participate can sign up for specific days and times to bring the family meals.

Common Meal Ideas

A few simple meal ideas to provide for them can include:

  • Deli meat with rolls and condiments 
  • Baked pasta like spaghetti or lasagna with garlic bread 
  • Premade salad with dressing on the side 
  • Casseroles 
  • Crockpot style dinners like chili 
  • Breakfast platter with items like bagels and cream cheese or fresh fruit

If there are children in the household, you may also consider offering a build your own pizza choice or simply purchasing foods that are more children friendly and fun. in addition to this, you also want to always include beverages dessert, and it can be a kind gesture to offer an additional treat such as a handwritten note or something special for the household.

We Offer Compassionate Care You Can Depend On

Multiple details will arise once a loved one passes away, and these can include the services at one of the many funeral homes in Greece, NY. Your primary focus is creating an event that's truly memorable for the loved one, and our experience and professionalism can help you with this task. We are locally owned and offer the highest level of compassionate care on the market, so contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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