What Happens at a Cremation Service?

By: Farrell-Ryan Funeral Home
Monday, December 13, 2021

If your loved one did not do any preplanning for their services, you might be wondering what the right choice is for their remains. Cremation services in Greece, NY, is a traditional option that can be a highly beneficial choice. If you have no experience with these services, you might be wondering what happens once the loved one's remains have been taken to the facility. So, here is more information on what happens at a traditional cremation service. 


The Process 


Cremation has been around for over 2000 years and has been a trusted source for helping individuals find a final resting place. It can be an efficient way for families who cannot afford a traditional burial or to keep the loved one close by a vessel chosen by the individual. 


The process starts when the individual is brought to the facility. They will then need to be appropriately identified by the family member. There will be paperwork to be filled out to authorize the crematory to proceed with the process. 


The body is prepared, which means traditionally, it will be cleaned, bathed, and dressed before the identification process. In the case of cremation, there will be no embalming necessary, which can save on the part of the costs of the services. If the individual had any jewelry or items specified that needed to be returned to the family, these would be removed by the technician and can include medical devices or prosthetics. 


Once completed, the body will be placed in a specialized container meant to house the remains during the cremation process. The container is generally made from cardboard, with the main requirement being that it is sturdy enough for the body and can be combusted. The container with the individual will then be incinerated at temperatures up to 1800 degrees until they reach a state of fragmentation. 


After the cremation, the facility will need to give the remains time to cool down; they will remove any remaining metal, which will go to be recycled. After this part of the process is completed, the remaining fragments of the individual will be ground down into a fine powder resembling ash. At this point, the remains will be returned to the family in a chosen vessel for safekeeping. 


Other Considerations


A standard urn can hold 3 to 9 pounds of remains, so make sure you have the appropriate size to give to the crematory. In addition, multiple companies on the market can create a specialized urn that's personalized for your loved one. 


Quality Through the Years


When it comes to cremation services in Greece, NY, you might be considering what all your options are, and you want to ensure that you find a company that can work side by side with you through the process. We take great pride and offer the families in our community the highest level of compassionate care on the market. If you require services, give us a call today, and we'll help you get started in planning your event. 

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