Alternatives to Traditional Urns

By: Farrell-Ryan Funeral Home
Monday, January 10, 2022

If you have a loved one that passes away and you need to schedule cremation services in Irondequoit, NY, most individuals will utilize a standard earn to house their loved ones. This may not work for everyone, so if you're looking for an alternative option for holding your loved one's remains or finding a way to memorialize them differently, here are some choices. 


Alternative Vessels 


If you want to create something to keep the loved one in, but you don't want a traditional urn, you might consider utilizing objects that represent hobbies that make the person unique. One example could be, if the individual was an avid fisherman, you might consider placing their remains in a tackle box that's adorned with favorite lures. Or, if the individual loved gardening, you might consider purchasing a container that can be kept outside in the garden area with their remains or making them into steppingstones.


Send them Off


There are multiple different ways to release your loved one back into nature. One option is to take them to a body of water or a favorite park and release the remains there, or you may consider purchasing a biodegradable urn. The urns are manufactured to begin decomposing when they come in contact with the earth or water, so they can also work for a burial service. 


You may also want to send your loved one into space if they were lovers of stars or have them placed in a rocket that can be set off like a firework at a celebration of life. Some companies are offering to allow the scattering via skydiving or from an aircraft depending on the company. 


Keeping them Close 


Another option is to utilize a company that specializes in creating memorial jewelry. Some companies can manufacture diamonds that have the ashes integrated into them, but they can also take the individual handwriting and engrave it into bracelets. 


Art is Expression  


It's not uncommon now for companies to take the cremated remains and place them into paint that can be applied to a canvas. In some cases, tattooing if you would like to have a permanent image of your loved one that you can see anytime. Some individuals take the remains and add them into glass to create works of art that can be placed on display to honor the loved one truly. 

Community Minded Services 


When it comes down to it, your main priority is choosing the right services and the best way to honor your loved one so that you know you have done everything you could for them and yourself.  


The grief can feel confusing when you are choosing, so you want to make sure that you are working with a company that understands the processes of cremation services in Irondequoit, NY. Farrell-Ryan Funeral Home has a primary focus of creating an event that truly honors our clients loved ones, and we take pride in offering the highest quality care on the market. If you require services, contact us today, and we will help you get started. 

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