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Are you looking for cremation or burial services for a loved one who has passed away? Make sure you choose a funeral home and cremation service in Hilton, NY that provides exactly what you need.

At Farrell-Ryan Funeral & Cremation Services, we believe in providing quality service of dignified funeral and cremation services. We have been Hilton NY's number one choice for funerals since 1935 because of our commitment to excellence and dedication to each individual customer’s needs. Whether you are looking for basic cremation services or a traditional burial, our caring staff can assist you with all aspects of the arrangements so that they reflect the personality of your loved one while fitting within your budget. Call us now at (585) 225-0248.

Hilton, NY Funeral Home And CremationsSince 1935, our business has been serving the surrounding communities with compassionate death care services. At Farrell-Ryan Funeral & Cremation Services, we stand by our hardworking and committed reputation to assist families in times of deep anguish as they face the loss of a loved one. This firm has the resources and qualifications to see events like a funeral and cremation in Hilton, NY, to completion.

A full-service funeral home such as ours can offer some wonderful benefits to our clients. Because we can provide you with all of the many types of services you might wish to care for your deceased and honor their memory, things will be simpler for you. There is no need to coordinate services on your end. We will take care of everything, and best of all, we will keep your departed loved one in our care at each phase of the process. This can give you a little bit of peace of mind in that regard.

Considerations for Planning Services Like a Funeral and Cremation in Hilton, NY

When a loved one dies, many decisions need to be made in a short amount of time. However, the emotions that come with loss can take your breath away and leave you reeling, hardly able to remember how to do much of anything. Use this step-by-step guide in combination with the help of a trusted funeral provider. Here is a breakdown of some things to consider if you are sitting with this new reality and unsure what to do next.

Actions to Take When a Death Occurs: There are two paths forward if the death has happened at home. If the departed has been under hospice care, you will contact them or the doctor right away. If not, the police must be contacted. These agencies will contact the medical examiner or coroner. Second, after the legal requirements have been met, you can contact the funeral home of your choosing to retrieve the body and begin making final arrangements, such as a funeral and cremation in Hilton, NY.

Services Related to Burial: Burial services are often referencing a fully traditional style funeral. A family visitation or viewing is often held first. The casket does not necessarily need to be open. If it is going to be open, then embalming will very likely be required. Embalming is a process that gently preserves and cleans the deceased remains.

After the viewing, the funeral event is held to honor the life of the one who has died. Once the funeral service is completed, the body can be taken to the burial site for interment. There are many styles of cemeteries and solutions when it comes to burial. Alternatively, the remains could be cremated after the funeral.

Understanding Cremation: Another option that can be chosen instead of a traditional funeral is a cremation service. This process is one way to care for the final remains after death. The procedure involves a secure chamber and intense heat that induces flames. The body is reduced and processed to a much smaller collection of “ashes'' that are primarily made up of granularized bone fragments. Cremated remains can be scattered or buried. Another possibility is to keep the ashes at home in an urn.

Manners Matter: Sometimes, attending a more formal event such as a funeral can leave us feeling unsure of how to act. It can help reassure yourself that you will honor the memory of the one who died and perhaps, support others who are grieving this loss with you. It is okay to share your heartfelt condolences. It is okay to share memories and stories of better times. Showing up means so much. Stay in touch after the services. Dress nicely to show reverence and respect.

Making Future Plans for Death Care Services: If you want to take care of your own final affairs, don’t neglect the opportunity to make pre-arrangements. These plans can be made if death is upcoming or even if it is not expected to happen soon. Having these designations already set (and even paid for) can bring peace of mind to you now. It is also a beautiful and thoughtful gift to leave your family, who will be tasked with caring for your final arrangements. What a relief they will feel when they won’t need to guess what you would have wanted.

Reach Out With Any Questions and Get the Process Started

All of the above-mentioned services (and many more) can be arranged with expert help at Farrell-Ryan Funeral & Cremation Services. Any goods and services you might need surrounding funeral and cremation in Hilton, NY, will be handled with professionalism and care. We are located at 777 Long Pond Rd, Rochester, NY 14612 and can be reached at all hours by calling (585) 225-0248.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

How do you write an obituary?

  • Check local newspaper in print and online.
  • Create an outline.
  • Set the tone.
  • Include information on their passing and biographical information.
  • Gather fondest memories.
  • Mention surviving family members.
  • Memorial services date and time.
  • Proofread and submit.
  • Learn more about obituaries.

What is the proper etiquette in a funeral?

  • When attending a funeral service, arrive on time and enter the house of worship or funeral venue as discreetly as possible. If there are no ushers, remember that seats closer to the front should be reserved for close friends, with acquaintances sitting in the center or towards the back. Learn more about funeral etiquette.

Are funeral directors different to morticians?

  • Morticians and undertakers are other terms for funeral directors. They give structured and careful services in preparing the departed, as well as comfort to the bereaved loved ones. Learn more about funeral directors.