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When you need to find a reputable Irondequoit, NY funeral home and cremation company to help you plan final services for a deceased family member, Farrell-Ryan Funeral & Cremation Services has you covered. We have a long-standing reputation in Monroe County for providing professional and compassionate burial, and cremation services. Since 1935, we've had the honor of serving families with dignity and respect.

When a loved one dies, you just need to make one phone call. From that moment on, we will take care of the physical needs of your loved one and also help those left behind with their emotions. For immediate assistance, call (585) 225-0248 any time, day or night.

Irondequoit, NY Funeral Home And CremationsWith decades of history to support us with real-life experience in helping families and individuals in perhaps their most difficult times, Farrell-Ryan Funeral & Cremation Services is prepared to assist you too. With roots dating back to 1935, our company has learned the best ways to help create a farewell that is fitting for your departed loved one. So as you make these plans for funeral and cremation in Irondequoit, NY, working with a well-established, full-service funeral home will be an excellent way to ease some of the stress you may be feeling.

A funeral home that offers and oversees a wide range of service options can be great for clients who want to have a full style service in a simplified way. That is because there won’t be any extra coordination of services to pull the events together. Instead, our death care experts and licensed funeral directors will listen to your wishes and ask questions to help you find just the right mix of services to lay your loved one to rest.

Approaching the Plans Related to a Funeral and Cremation in Irondequoit, NY

When someone passes away, many actions are of a time-sensitive nature to handle immediately. Unfortunately, the people who need to make these decisions are often very shocked and emotionally distraught. This can make even simple tasks feel overwhelming. Planning a funeral is by no means a simple task. With the support of caring and competent funerary advisors, you will find your way forward one step at a time. You don’t need to face this alone.

What to Do When a Death Has Occurred: If the death occurs outside of a medical facility like a hospital, you may need to contact the attending physician or hospice provider if that is applicable. If the death is unexpected such as in the case of an accident, the police will need to be called to the scene as soon as possible. Your medical team or the police will contact the medical examiner to legally ensure that all is in order before the funeral home can come to retrieve the body.

Know Your Options When it Comes to Burial Services: Often, burial services are planned in conjunction with a funeral service. Funeral services have the casketed remains of the deceased present for the services. A graveside (or burial) service could be held if a more traditional full funeral service isn’t what you are looking for. There are several kinds of cemeteries to meet many different aesthetic and environmental needs. Some memorial parks and cemeteries also offer above-ground burial options for caskets or cremated remains.

A Little Bit About Cremations: The process known as cremation is one possible way to care for the deceased remains in a respectful and health-conscious way. The natural process of decomposition begins to set in rather quickly once a person has died. While legal documentation for cremation is being collected, the body should be embalmed or held in cold storage. Usually, embalming is only performed for someone who is having both a funeral and cremation in Irondequoit, NY.

Once all permits and waiting periods are fulfilled, the permanent process of cremation can be performed. The body will be reduced to fragments after being exposed to flames for about two hours. These fragments will be collected, processed, and presented back to the family as ashes. Final disposition options for cremated remains could include scattering, burial, or placement in a funerary urn.

On Funeral Etiquette: If you are attending a funeral of a close relative or for an acquaintance, it can be helpful to keep a few thoughts on funeral etiquette in mind. Showing emotion if you feel it is appropriate. Sharing heartfelt condolences to those who are sharing this loss is appreciated. The act of showing up and holding the pain with someone can be so supportive. Keep your cell phone home or off and out of sight. Be present. Dress nicely as a way to show respect and reverence for the occasion. Refrain from overindulging in food or drink if that is available.

Advance Planning of Final Service Needs:

Preparing final arrangements in advance of the time they will be needed is an option that may bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones. This service is available to all no matter if there is an expected death projected in the near future or not.

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If you are in the process of making plans for funeral and cremation in Irondequoit, NY, in the preplanning, upcoming, or immediate need category, we invite you to call us at Farrell-Ryan Funeral & Cremation Services. Our staff will take the time to show you around our facility at 777 Long Pond Rd, Rochester, NY 14612 and answer any questions you may have. Call (585) 225-0248 today.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Why should you pre-plan a funeral?

  • Funeral pre-planning is something that everyone should do but no one wants to do. Planning your own funeral gives you peace of mind in knowing what would happen if something goes wrong at this trying time in your life.

How do you cope when you lost a loved one?

  • Participate in rituals. Memorial ceremonies, funerals, and other customs assist people get through the first few days while also honoring the deceased.
  • Allow your feelings to be addressed and released.
  • When you have the opportunity, discuss it.
  • Keep memories safe.
  • Participate in a support group.
  • More grief resources here.

Who has the legal right to arrange a funeral service?

  • Typically, the executor oversees planning the funeral, covering the costs of the funeral, and administering the estate following death. With legal access to the deceased person's estate, the executor may be able to finance funeral expenses from savings or assets left behind. Learn more funeral legal advice.